Breathe Easy with Radisson Blu


At Radisson Blu, we’re always looking for ways to improve our guests’ experience, and when we can help the environment as well – that’s icing on the cake! That’s why Radisson Blu Edinburgh has teamed up with City Car Club, the UK’s leading independent car club, to help improve air quality on Edinburgh’s streets by providing access to a convenient, low-carbon mode of transport.

City Car Club has been a staple fixture in Edinburgh’s transport system for more than a decade and today has close to 5000 members using over 130 low-emission vehicles across the city. The partnership with Radisson Blu comes at a crucial point in the battle against air pollution, where the car club is also preparing to introduce 20 electric vehicles across Edinburgh and Glasgow as part of the Scottish Government’s plans to reduce levels of air pollution across the country.


The Radisson Blu Edinburgh is no stranger to eco-friendly initiatives. They’ve won a number of ‘green’ awards in recent years. Amongst these is theQueen’s Award – recognition from Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II for the hotels’ commitment to sustainable business development in the areas of energy, waste, food and transport.

prius 2

The Prius Plug-in arrives as part of the hotel’s on-going transport development plan which already sees 80% of its employees and guests using public transport. The hybrid electric takes this great initiative a step further by providing those associated with the hotel, plus residents and businesses in the area, with on-demand access to an eco-friendly vehicle.

Graeme Gibson, General Manager of the Radisson Blu hotel says, “Having this type of vehicle in the heart of the city will be of great benefit to residents and businesses. It will also enable our staff and guests to use a sustainable means of transport when they need to get around by car. It’s great to be collaborating with City Car Club on this project as their car club model is a real success in the city. We look forward to working with them closely in the future to promote the use of eco-friendly transport.”

The eco-friendly alternative to car ownership is already showing great results. Last year, independent research by Carplus, the UK’s regulatory body for car clubs, demonstrated that Scottish car club fleets were saving in excess of 100 tonnes of carbon every year. This figure will only continue to rise as more electric and hybrid vehicles, like the Toyota Prius Plug-in at Edinburgh’s Radisson Blu hotel, are introduced by the likes of City Car Club. So take a deep breath …and enjoy.




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