Healthy Alternatives – Getting Active


We’ve had a pretty jam packed year for sport to get us motivated with the Tour De France  pedaling through the country, to thecommonwealth games taking place in Glasgow with the all the home nations finishing within the top 15 places and with Europe defending their Ryder Cup title at Gleneagles the country is on a serious sporting high. Now is a good a time as any to swap the arm chair and crisps and watching our sporting heroes and start acting like them.

Many people think that to make a real difference to their lives in terms of health and fitness you need to be hitting the treadmill or weights 5 times a week, but if anything that will do more damage than good. If the gym isn’t your thing, there are so many alternatives that can get your heart pumping and your waist line shrinking, you’ve just got to start thinking outside of the box.



Instead of driving to work, why not fly past the daily commuting traffic on a bike. The government have introduced a cycle scheme to get more people active. Working with an extensive amount of companies, businesses and cycle stores all over the country you can save up to 42% off the regular price of a bike and payment comes out through your salary.

Park Run is a company/running club set up that organised runs nationwide as well as worldwide. The runs are all 10k and although for many it is a competitive race, there is no pressure to finish under any time and is always a good group of runner there to give you that little boost we all sometimes need. The other advantage (or disadvantage for many) is that the runs take place on a Saturday morning, so your lie in can wait till Sunday, no excuses!

Park Run Edinburgh

Park Run Edinburgh

If you lack the self-motivation or running isn’t your thing, why not get a group of friends together for a game of football, or even try something new all together. Check out your local council website or pop into your leisure centre to see what facilities they can offer.

What I have mentioned is just a drop in the ocean of ideas to keep you going. Exercising and sport is meant to be fun, if you start getting bored just mix it up.

Getting and staying healthy isn’t just about exercise though, but how you look after your body mentally and keeping track of what goes into it, watch this space for some tips on how to mix up your everyday food and drink to not only reduce the risk of illness but to give you and your whole family the chance to try something new, and maybe even find a new favourite!

Yours in health,





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