Color Me Rad-isson


Training for any event can be hard work on both your mind and body.  You’re constantly thinking “should I be eating this?”, “I should really run one more mile” or “I’m sure one more pint won’t hurt!” but no amount of dieting or training will prepare you to be pelted with colour! Confused? So was I!  Until I checked out the Color Me Rad website, and my perception of a running event was twisted, chewed up and spat out in an explosion of yellows, greens, pinks and blues. To put it in their words ‘Instead of running FROM something, get ready to run FOR something’ Color Me Rad run a series of 5k running events taking place all over the country from the coast line of Portsmouth to the cobbles of Edinburgh. But this is a run like no other, without the worry of personal bests and making others eat your dust, Color Me Rad focuses on the fun, and what better way than to be coated from head to toe in colour.

Image c/o Color Me Rad

Image c/o Color Me Rad

Each runner starts the race in their bright white vest coupled with sunglasses and headband on a 5k course that is broken into sections where, to put it in its most accurate form – bombarded with non toxic and non rash-inducing coloured cornstarch launched from event staff.. but don’t worry, they don’t get all the fun, you’ll get your turn to exact some revenge when the colour bombs wind up in your hands. So if dabbling in some exercise and having some colour thrown into your life with your friends sounds like your cup of tea, join me and our team from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh at this years Glasgow/Livingston event on 23rd August or check out the other location dates still to be announced by signing up at and prepare for a race that will certainly brighten up your day!

Image c/o Color Me Rad

Image c/o Color Me Rad

Yours in health, Iain


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