The Crew of HMS Edinburgh Parade


This month, HMS Edinburgh visited the city as part of their farewell tour around the UK, ending in Portsmouth next month, prior to being decommissioned. The ship, known as the Fortress of the Sea, is the largest and last of the Royal Navy’s Type 42 Destroyer class. Launched in April 1983 and Commissioned in December 1985, HMS Edinburgh has seen active service in the Persian Gulf and patrolled the waters around the Falkland Islands amongst other operations.

The crew of HMS Edinburgh have been granted the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh and during their visit they took part in a Privilege Parade from the Palace of Holyrood House to the City Chambers here on the High Street. They were then formally inspected by the Lord Provost and presented with their Certificate of Privilege.

Due to our unrivalled location on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile we were lucky enough to see the Parade as it marched past the hotel and we even managed to take a couple of pictures and a quick video. Have a look as the crew pass looking wonderful in full dress uniform!


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