Cycle Relay Poem


Edinburgh Charity Cycle Relay PoemSome of the Radisson Blu Hotel Edinburgh team cycled 117 miles from the hotel to the Radisson Blu Durham. It was part of the UK wide Carlson Rezidor Charity Cycle Relay which involved hotels up and down the UK with the sole purpose of raising cash for charity. Here is a fantastic poem describing the Edinburgh teams journey.

Cycle Relay Poem

It started with an early rise
Which many may have despised
With a Man in a Van
And a route all planned.
Off we set,
Ladies and gentleman place your bets!!

It started off flat,
But you have to take off your hat.
It was a bumpy ride,
And no where for them to hide.

After the first 20 miles,
It was time for a swap.
As our next set of cyclists,
Give it a shot.

The hills were plenty
Swearing was a certainty!!
As they reached the borders
A stop for lunch was in order.
Quick lets take a photo under the sign,
And send to Sarah, so she knows were all fine!!

Next part of their journeys begins,
With them battling against strong winds.
O no please don’t let that be rain,
As they cycle on through the pain.

I was kept entertained though out the drive
There sprits always remaining high.
Jokes were cracked, some which I can’t repeat
But let’s just say, it wasn’t about their sore feet!!

I was asked to call ahead and request 8 pillows.
Special pillows like you get when you have piles
Because they have a sore “derrière” after cycling for miles!!!!!

We see the sign for the hotel, the end is near
Yes, its time for a well deserved Beer!

We made it, well done
I am sure they will agree it was fun!!
I would just like to say a huge thank you,
To our Radisson Blu Edinburgh cycle Team

They have raised a fantastic amount so far but still just short of there target.
You can still donate in person at the Radisson BLU Hotel Edinburgh or by going to the Just Giving Page.


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