Cycle Relay Challenge Poem


Radisson Hotel Edinburgh and rezidor hotels raise money for charity with cycle relay.The Radisson Hotel Edinburgh is involved in a cycle relay, from Aberdeen to Jersey in which 32 other Rezidor hotels are also taking part. They aim to help raise money for local charities across the UK. Here is bit of poetry to explain more!

It starts up north in Aberdeen
The GM David Allan will lead the team!
143 miles is a way to start
It will have the blood pumping in the heart!

They will arrive in Glasgow
Who will not have as far to go!
45 miles is all it will take,
With the sun shining lets hope the staff won’t bake!

As Glasgow arrive
We’ll be waiting with open Arms,
Turning on the Edinburgh Charm!

OK we’re ready
117 miles, let’s keep the pace steady!
Down to the borders we go
Please don’t let it snow!

The road will not be easy
Here’s hoping no one gets queasy!
All we’re asking is if you could please dig deep
To support the Radisson Blu Edinburgh Peeps!

Vlad, Mikey, Dominique, Emma, Iain, Gabor, Eve and Lukasz will be our Edinburgh team cycling from our Hotel to the Radisson Blu Durham and we ask you kindly to donate!

Wishing them all the best of Luck!


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