The Housekeeping Olympics!


Here at the Radisson Blu Edinburgh, we run monthly competitions between staff. In preparation for the London Olympics next year, we decided to run a housekeeping competition which we called the Housekeeping Olympics.

All elements of the Olympics were present: eager competitors from all over the world, narrow (and at times controversial) final decisions, highly competitive contestants – and above all bronze, silver and gold medals.

Instead of the usual athletics, the competitive disciplines were:

·         Tea & Coffee Tray
·         Bathroom Setup
·         Bed Making
·         Answering of Guests Questions
·         Room Cleaning (FINAL)

After weeks of tough competition, the final results are in!

Bronze Medal: EWELINA (253 points)

Bronze - Ewelina

Silver Medal: NATALIA (263 points)

Silver - Natalia

Gold Medal: BARBARA (K.) (267.5 points)

Gold - Barbara (K)

As you can see, it was a very close call! Congratulations to all who took part. We’re already looking forward to the next competition and we’re sure all Housekeeping staff are already entering their training for the 2012 edition! We would also like to thank Alison and Sameera to making this such a success, and also the maintenance team for making the Olympic rings for us!

Radisson Edinburgh - Housekeeping Olympics



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