November’s Main Course: Lamb and Chorizo Sate


We’ve got another recipe from our kitchen for you to try! November’s main course of the month is Lamb and Chorizo Sate:

Lamb and Chorizo Sate


7pc. Lamb Cubes (1/2 x ½ inch. )
6pc. Chorizo

Cous Cous:

2  cup  Cous Cous
1  lit.  Water
1 pc.  Yellow Pepper
1 pc.  Green Pepper
1 pc. Red Pepper
3 pc. Lime Juice
2 pc. Lime Zest
1  cup  Crumbled Feta Cheese
2  tbs. Rice Wine Vinegar
1   tbs. Honey
¾  cup Olive Oil
1  tsp.  Turmeric
6  pc.  Spring Onion
3  tbs.  Chopped Coriander
Salt and Pepper

Harissa Butter:

2 tbs. Aromatic Butter
1  tsp.       Harissa Paste
¼  cup       Chicken Stock


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