Final Fringe Update


It’s the final week of the Festival in Edinburgh and the performances at both hotel venues (Spaces on the Mile and Spaces on Niddry Street) are winding down.  So here we are featuring some acts who have been with us from the beginning, some who started their run last week and some who are just starting their run today.


Is an exciting double bill of dance and physical theatre that combines elements of the martial arts, contemporary dance and film.  In this challenging and dynamic movement piece, experimental choreographer Sarah Vaughan-Jones interprets the story of a young man’s belief that he could only love someone that loved the Amaryllis flower.

Amaryllis is a tale of emotional anguish and the search for love.  By telling the story of Peter and Evelyn, the work examines the intricate details and emotional extremities of human relationships.  Audiences will be taken on a journey through the significant experiences of this fragile yet profound relationship.  The contemporary design of the choreography, script work and visuals come together to leave audiences feeling every one of Peter’s and Evelyn’s emotions.

Amaryllis begins on 22nd August and runs until the 27th, tickets and more info can be found on the Edinburgh Fringe website

Museum of Horror

A spoof-horror show, where slasher-movie meets reality TV (imagine Scream set in the Big Brother house).  A group of contestants answer an ad to spend a night in the frightening museum and whoever survives wins fame and fortune.  Who will survive?  We dare you to let our vampire curator take you into his mysterious, shadowy world where every exhibit tells a story and your darkest fears may be your biggest nightmares.  A spoof-horror show where slasher-movie meets reality TV

Museum of horror is running at Spaces on the Mile until the 27th August, visit the Edinburgh Fringe website for more information about tickets.

Kitty Litter

Don had to do it, he had to, and he’s waiting for her to arrive, then there’s a knock at the door, but she has a key…  In a humdrum suburban Bristol house, dreams, memories, fantasies and reality collide as 5 friends attempt to fix an impulsive act of revenge.  As the events unfold, Dons mind unravels to reveal a life lived through films and music, past and pretending and what could have been, should have been and what may be.

Kitty Litter is a wild and comical exploration of love, pain, friendship, imagination, youth and cantankerous cats.  Here is a promo video for kitty litter, which begins its run on 22nd August through until the 27th August for more info and tickets visit the Edinburgh Fringe website

Five Alive

Five Alive! The Musical is a musical comedy about America’s once greatest boy band. In the 80’s, Five Alive was on top of the world, until they were fleeced by their manager at the height of their pop stardom. Years later, their now deceased manager’s fortune is up for grabs to the first of his washed up bands to score a number one single. With their chart-topping “Kiss You With Tongue” a distant memory, Five Alive reunites as a duo of desperate has-beens, exploring a montage of hilarious original songs and classic 80’s tunes for a final shot at fame and redemption.

Five Alive the Musical is running until the 27th August and more information and tickets can be found from the Edinburgh Fringe Website


The love lives of a transatlantic cabin crew soar to the stage in this high-flying new British musical comedy.  After a highly successful run at Cambridge University’s ADC Theatre, and winning the Tab’s Top of the Tab Award for best show of Lent 2011, JET SET GO! touches down at the Edinburgh Fringe for the second half of the Festival. So make sure your seatbelts are fastened, your tray table is stowed and your arm rest is down because this show promises to be a hoot from take-off to landing.

Jet Set Go runs from the 22nd – 27th August and tickets and information can be found on the Edinburgh Fringe Website

Little Shop of Horrors

Violet Shock are a slightly unhinged physical theatre company who approach everything from the classics to cult favourites in their own, inimitably twisted style. Little Shop of Horrors is no exception. The show is presented entirely in black and white – just like the 1950’s B movies it parodies and it’s not until the blood starts to flow that we realise there is any colour in the world these characters inhabit! Featuring toe tapping arrangements, inventive puppets, physical comedy and sharp tongues planted firmly in sallow cheeks – this is not one to miss (come along and sing along on Wednesday and Thursday’s performance as there will be subtitling for audience participation).

Little Shop of Horrors runs until the 27th August in Spaces on Niddry Street, visit the Edinburgh Fringe Website for information and tickets.


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