Edinburgh Fringe – Last Chance to See


With so many acts to see at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 it’s unsurprising that you may miss one or two.  In our two performance spaces at Radisson Blu Hotel in Edinburgh we have over 40 acts performing during this years Edinburgh Festival.  Some shows are running for the full length of the Festival (5th – 27th August) but others are only running for the first week, or just a 2 day run.

In this post we’re featuring three acts whose show finishes this weekend, so it is literally your last chance to catch them.

Last Petal Falling

Is the story of three generations of women brought together by a family crisis: a story of fading memories and changing relationships, seen through the eyes of the youngest protagonist.

Roberta Bellekom’s one-woman show is insightful, never mawkish and darkly humorous. It tells of the decline of Rose, beloved grandmother, but now a distant stranger in her own home. It’s where gentle reminiscence collides with the undignified realities of caring for a loved one in decline.

Tickets and more information can be found at the official Edinburgh Fringe website.

The Tempest

Prospero, privileged among men, has a daughter Miranda. Both are meshed in a world of wealth, comfort and servants, removed from the rigours of life, as we know it. At the dead of night everything ceases to be. Father and child exiled. Put to sea.

Twelve years on a father in no way equipped to have been a mother is confronted by his guilt and Miranda’s adolescence. Sorcery, spirits, a king and his son, clowns and villains merge on an isle of sweet airs that will make you think, breathe, speak and forgive. The Tempest is healing.

This production of Shakespeares work is brought to Edinburgh by The Squeaky Door Production  Company and the short video below explains why they chose this work.

Gods Fool

Looking at the life of one of the best known of all saints, Francis of Assisi the play has been selling out since it opened last week and has already recieved critical review in The Scotsman.  Here is a brief outline of the play,

Francis of Assisi was a revolutionary man of acts, who called himself ‘God’s Fool’. An environmentalist and feminist long before the words were

coined, he defied Church greed and corruption, placing both his movement and his life in jeopardy.  ‘…moving and informative…with an epic sweep…more than an entertaining evening in the theater, it is an important commentary on the common grounds of Abrahamic beliefs.’ 

Jeffrey Laing, PhD, SantaFe.com

The show finishes on Saturday the 13th, for more information and tickets visit the official website of the Edinburgh Fringe.


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