2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival


The 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival gets underway today and here at Radisson Blu Edinburgh we are playing our part.  We are providing two venues as part of the Spaces project, and over the course of the festival we will play host to over 40 different acts.

We’ll be blogging regularly about the performers and giving you lots of handy hints on how to survive the festival.  The first act that we’re featuring in our launch post are a group from Austin Texas called Parallelogramophonograph or PGraph for short.  Their show is called Improvised plays from Austin, TX

A recent reviewer in their home town had this to stay.

‘Austin’s finest purveyors of genre improvisation’ (Austinist.com) have arrived. PGraph does it all: French farce, sci-fi, screwball comedies, Grimm’s fairytales, and more. Parallelogramophonograph’s fully improvised plays range from delightful and frenzied to dark and sinister. PGraph have toured North America and performed at the most prestigious improv festivals in the world. Their love for theatre and a hive-mind-like ensemble combine to produce some of the most unique improvised plays you’ll ever see. PGraph performs a different signature genre each night of the week. Visit the website for a detailed schedule. You’ve never seen improv like this.

Improvised plays from Austin, TX Is on at the Space on the mile from 5th August until 27th August (but not on Sundays) and there are 2 for 1 offers available on some days.  To book tickets please visit the Edinburgh Fringe website.

PGraph will be very active on their own blog during the festival too, so please keep track of them.


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